The Pros and Cons of Free Internet Games

Internet is made to promote business and communication. However due to the fast-changing time and social innovations, it has expanded into a multidimensional service. Today, it is considered as the biggest entertainment medium. With the ubiquity of social media's and free internet games people from different parts of the globe have been spending most of their time in front of the computer.

Games in the internet have become an international outrage. People of different ages are getting hooked to these addicted forms of entertainment. However, while these games have many advantages, they also have their own share of drawbacks which can affect the users and the society as a whole. To learn more about its pros and cons, take a look at our examples below.


Educational - Some online games can help develop children's logical thinking and also promote their mental alertness, decision-making and problem solving skills. Some studies shows that a person who get used to online gaming have higher vision test scores than those who don't.

A do it yourself form of entertainment - If you want to be entertained without calling up your friends or anyone, you can just open your computer and start playing. It's for free - Entertainment can be very expensive but with the advent of the internet, you can play free flash arcade or any other games any-time and anywhere.


Exposure to violent scenarios - Most online games have violent themes such as war, road rage and theft. These games can bring negative influence to children which could affect their behaviour and perception towards others.

Anti-social Behaviour - People who are used to gaming could develop lack of self-confidence. They may have the tendency to act differently in front of other people. Often-times they cannot relate to the real world as their way of life is highly influenced by the characters in the game.

Lack of Physical Interaction - Unlike any traditional game, online games require no physical interaction which is one of its biggest drawbacks.