Play Alaxe In Zombieland For A Creepy Slots Game

In one of the more interesting adaptations of Alice in Wonderland, gamblers can play Alaxe in Zombieland for free online from Microgaming.

Going to play Alaxe in Wonderland means playing a fun, if rather creepy, slots game that features 5 reels and 25 lines. Besides matching common card symbols from left to right, a few extra symbols are included to fit with the Zombieland theme, namely zombie versions of popular characters from the franchise, such as an undead Mad Hatter and the zombie Cheshire Cat. Of course, the Wonderland theme isn't entirely buried; the neon symbols across a dark, nighttime cemetery background gives the characters all the right energy they've had since their inception.

But, as nice as theme is, gameplay is generally what makes or breaks a fun slots experience. Alaxe in Zombieland has plenty of extra game bonuses based on Wonderland lore. First up is the Tea Party Free Spin, which happens when three timepiece symbols are spun in a row. A base number of free spins are awarded, as well as extras that can be found in the kettles that begin to litter the screen, including more free spins and some multipliers that increase winnings.

The next feature is called Gravestones. When activated, all symbols are replaced by gravestones, beneath which are zombies that can be killed for a bit of instant credit. Eventually, players will find the gravestone that ends the game.

The final extra is the Red Queen's Adventure, which presents the player with gravestones, each one of which has a number of credits displayed on it. The game then offers the participant chances to win instant credit. Should they be able to reach or exceed the quantity displayed on their gravestone, they move on to the next one, which has a larger mark on it, and so on and so forth until they fail to reach the mark or get to the end. This has potential to award keen participants with thousands of extra credits.

You will notice when you play Alaxe in Zombieland that is an interesting take on a popular (and originally significantly less creepy) franchise. However, the added theme does nothing to take away from the exciting features and bonuses that make this an exciting pastime at any online establishment that offers it.