You're in for a big treat if you have a royal flush

If you hit the royal flush, you will surely win video poker. Other hands only exist to support your bankroll, but this is the answer to winning video slots for long periods of time. Read on and discover how you can increase your chance of having this and win at video poker.

Having The Biggest Payouts

Basically, there is no major difference between video poker payouts. They could only vary in amounts depending if it is a royal flush, full house or just a flush. This means players should bet only on the units that give the highest pays and stay away from the smaller units. In some video slots, you would score a nine to have a full house and six if you have a flush. There are others that give an 8 if you have a full house and a 5 for a flush. Still others give a seven if you have a full house and it receives a 5. If a player has a deck of 9/6, he can win a lot more for the same fingers than other players that have a different hand with smaller pay backs.

A 9/6 hand will get a royal flush on an estimate of every 40,000 hands, while the odds for the 8/5 deck is one in every 45,000 hands. Taking this in consideration, you should then prefer 9/6 models since this is the one giving you the highest chance of getting it.

When you use 5 coins to wager, the next following hands will be paid using 5 as a factor, with the exception of this win. This is actually given as a bonus for playing 5 coins, which is also needed so you can have a chance to win. If you bet below the minimum set limit during playing, he actually contributes to forming a win, which will go to another player. If this happens, that other player will earn more coins that they will now use to bet against you.