Video Blackjack vs Live Blackjack - Spot The Difference

Video Blackjack, is a common slot theme that we see in casinos not only in Vegas but around the world. Just as with many table games, live Blackjack has its slot equivalent to be found, just take a little stroll and sure enough you'll find one not too far away.

Some of the purists amongst Blackjack players are of the firm fixed opinion, that you just can't beat the real thing. When you have real cards to play with dealt by a real dealer, with everything caught on camera as well, there is that feeling of added security, and that knowingness that they will get treated fairly. With video Blackjack some live Blackjack players still actually believe that these machines could easily be rigged in the favor of the house. Anyone with a reasonable amount of common sense would know this to be quite impossible in this highly mechanized age, but just try telling that to some of these guys, no perhaps not, you'd most probably just be wasting your time!

Is there any real difference between the two games, the table one versus, the slot version? Initially, you may think not, after all it is the same game, why should it be different. More importantly, how could playing a slot version of the same game be actually better and increase your chances? Could it really be that a casino would have room for such a game in their establishment?

Lets look at the facts. What about rules? Surely they would be the same wouldn't they? Well the answer to that one, is not exactly. Gone are the days when most of the casino dealers had to stick on 17. This you now very rarely see, as the house edge albeit fractionally, is cut by .22%. Now enter a video Blackjack game in Vegas that has appeared where the dealer stays on 17, hence increasing the chances of the player winning.

The biggest difference comes down to the stakes as the video game will always have a smaller stake minimum versus playing at the table. It would not be unusual to be able to stake a minimum bet of a £1 or a $1 when playing on the slot version. However, this is not an option you can enjoy at the table. In fact at some top casinos, the minimum bet requirement can be as much as £5 0r $5, quite a difference for sure. I think I'd call it a no brainer, and you?